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Modernized regulation of naturopathic intravenous infusion therapy practice requires a modernization of naturopathic clinical operations. In this section we will:

  1. Review the facility requirements to operate and details/needs for functionally distinct rooms involved in the preparation and delivery of IVIT and describing how they should be set up
    Review requirements for Adverse Events Monitoring and Reporting and provide practice tools to complete this
  2. Review organization quality assurance programs that can be instituted to quantify good practices
  3. Review the concept of clinical manuals and standard operating procedures. Template SOPs will be provided along with an outline of a clinical manual

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You’re almost done : please complete this short quiz:
The College of Naturopaths of Ontario requires facilities providing IVIT to have a written clinic manual. CONO requires the manual to consist of all but which one of the following sections:
Title, Scope or purpose, procedure, equipment are components of what?
Which of the following functionally separate rooms must also be physically separate from each other?
Which of the following are examples of quality assurance processes you need to have according to CONO’s inspection regulation?

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