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Proper Documentation is an important part of practice, and the upcoming inspections

Regulatory requirements include very specific needs for documentation
                               Learn everything you need to know about record keeping, what’s required in your clinic and how to get compliant with your documentation


Appointment Record and financial record requirements as defined in the new regulations.


IV treatment records, what is required and how to document.


Consent and your responsibilities as well as IV labeling procedures
Record keeping may not be everyone’s forte but a solid system for documentation will streamline your practice and make compliance easy.
IVIT Therapy is an important tool in your toolbox that you need to keep up to date
Dr. Eric Marsden ND

Dr. Marsden has created this course as a resource to  help NDs navigate the new regulations and how they affect the practice of IV therapy in Ontario. He endeavors to empower NDs to continue to use this powerful treatment tool and pass inspections with ease. “We are stronger together and can navigate this as one”. He also teaches Ontario’s only IVIT certification course and has a love for all things IV! He has been featured in several news outlets as seen below.

Now Available: DOCUMENTATION  Module


Lifetime access!

This online course will allow you to learn at your own pace and have ongoing access to the content. at your fingertips. Stop and rewatch over again, take notes in the course itself and track your progress.

Use our done-for-you templates, checklists, and systems

Take the guess work out and use the downloads in the course to get your clinic up to speed fast. Infrastructure is important and a major part of the upcoming inspections.

Get organized and confident with what you need to have in place for your documentation. Use our forms and checklists to ensure you are ready
Lifetime access

$127 + HST

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