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Are you ready if your IV therapy patients have an emergency or complications?

While IV therapy in integrative medicine is generally safe what many practitioners find as a result they rarely have to deal with managing emergency situations so when they do eventually happen they feel unprepared…we want to change that!

Be prepared for anything that happens while providing IV Therapy

The Emergency & Complications in IV Therapy Course is now available!

The goal for this course is to first provide a refresh on the various complications and emergencies providers could experience in the practice of IV therapy in integrative medicine.

We will explain how to differentiate the various complications to arrive at a quick diagnosis and develop a clear action plan for your patients.

We will then explore some real life cases with questions to stimulate critical thinking around problem solving complications. Regardless of your experience level, we hope the end result will be increased confidence in managing complications in your practice.

Enjoy Lifetime access!

This online course will allow you to:

  • Learn at your own pace with lifetime access
  • Have ongoing access to the content at your fingertips
  • Stop and rewatch over again
  • Track your progress
  • Access it with your Smart phone, Ipad, laptop or desktop, it’s available wherever you are 24/7.
  • Access downloads and slides you can easily download

 This 4 Hour long course offers 4 CE credits for IVIT, is easy to navigate and offers implementable solutions you can use right away

Meet The Instructor

Dr. Eric Marsden ND 

Dr. Eric Marsden ND is a graduate from the Canadian College of  Naturopathic Medicine in Ontario, Canada and has been a practicing naturopathic doctor with a special focus in Intravenous therapy for 15 years. Dr. Marsden is the author of the Intravenous therapy in Integrative Medicine course, as well as director and instructor for the only College of Naturopaths of Ontario approved IVIT certification course in Ontario. He lectures globally on the topic and leads ongoing clinical research on the treatment.

Dr. Marsden is the residency director for the first Naturopathic Oncology Post-Graduate residency program certified by the Council of Naturopathic Medical Education in Canada. He has created a multitude of courses and now does most of his education online with great student successes. Dr. Marsden has been sought after for his professional opinion and been featured in several news outlets.

 If You offer IV Therapy in your clinic…this course is for you!

Don’t get caught off guard with complications or emergencies…be ready for anything!