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IV Therapy in Integrative Cancer Care
IV administration of non-conventional therapies can help in improving outcome for cancer patients. IV mode of application allows us to overcome absorption barriers leading us to be able to maximize therapeutic effects. These agents are particularly important because of their ability to support patient’s conventional care while also having an additive effect on multiple cancer pathways. In this course we will be discussing iv administration of vitamin C, mistletoe, curcumin, artesunate, DCA, alpha lipoic acid, glycyrrhizic acid, and supportive IV nutrition protocols in cancer patients. We will also spend time reviewing unique aspects of care management of the cancer patient receiving intravenous infusion therapy.

The course is structured in a way that it reviews the clinical research supporting the use of these agents in cancer patients. Participants will be provided resources like templates of treatment records, consent forms and treatment SOPs that can be used in practice.
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