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Intravenous Lifestyle & Wellness Mini Course


The biggest growth factor in IV therapy is lifestyle medicine. IV’s for energy, skin support,
athletic recovery and more. More and more professionals, millenials, and your average helath seeker
looking to enhance their care even more are seeking out IV therapy as it becomes more mainstream.
Learn more about how you can amplify patient results with IV care.

Are you ready to help more patients, looking for more advanced care?

Wanting to offer IV as wellness and not just chronic care?

Are you confident have the resources you need to start?

“Intravenous therapy has helped me change patient outcomes and advance healing as well as enhance quality of life for numerous patients. I’m dedicated to teaching more practitioners everyday about the use of IV therapy in their practice.

Dr. Eric Marsden ND, Instructor & passionate advocate for IV Therapy

This short, easy-to-use course provides you with what you need to enhance care with Wellness & Lifestyle IV Therapy

Meet The Instructor

Dr. Eric Marsden ND 

Dr. Eric Marsden ND is a graduate from the Canadian College of  Naturopathic Medicine in Ontario, Canada and has been a practicing naturopathic doctor with a special focus in Intravenous therapy for 15 years. Dr. Marsden is the author of the Intravenous therapy in Integrative Medicine course, as well as director and instructor for the only College of Naturopaths of Ontario approved IVIT certification course in Ontario. He lectures globally on the topic and leads ongoing clinical research on the treatment.

Sponsored By:


Pace Pharmacy, a leading compounding pharmacy and provider of medication solutions to medical professionals, announced today a new Online IV Course that helps train and educate practitioners about the use of intravenous nutrient therapy.

Partnering with renowned Naturopathic Doctor, Eric Marsden, Pace Pharmacy aims to provide practitioners with dedicated training in a convenient, easy-to-use, online solution.  The course provides practical and relevant information for practitioners to use immediately in their practice.

This is the first online education program offered by a Canadian pharmacy for the sole purpose of adding value to professional customers.  This advanced course is an excellent resource for practitioners to learn more about using intravenous nutrient therapy.  This includes subjects such as skin health, mood disruption, exercise recovery, immune support, and energy support.

Available for purchase as a stand alone, non-accredited course, the program will also be made available to existing and new Pace Pharmacy professional customers free of charge. Contact Pace Pharmacy for more information.

Join us and get excited about the opportunity of

IV therapy for everyone!

Who This is For

You're an action taker and want to start treating more patients with IV therapy

You want to have a stress free way to implement new treatment protocols into your practice

You believe that practical resources with lifetime access are extremely valuable to have

Who This Is Not For

You don't want to use IV therapy in your practice

You refer to other clinics for IV therapy

You're not ready to make this minor investment in your practice and to be ready for the patients that need YOU!

You aren't ready to add on another treatment