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Ready to enhance fertility outcomes in your Naturopathic or Integrative medical practice?

Fertility is a major issue and most patients need an integrative approach and many doctors don’t have the knowledge they need to support them.

Infertility affects almost 1 in every 8 couples with rates on the rise. People are turning to alternative forms of therapy in an effort to grow their families. With those shocking statistics, natural medicine and integrative practitioners need to be equipped to handle these patients and provide successful outcomes! However, natural cycle fertility optimization can be haphazard or it can be done well.

Although pregnancy can be a benefit of improving someone’s general health, having a specialized knowledge of fertility-specific methodology will allow for effective patient outcomes in those struggling to grow their families. Natural medicine, when used incorrectly, can also worsen and inhibit someone’s fertility. 

This course will provide you, the integrative practitioner, with a solid foundation of fertility/infertility work-up, diagnosis, and treatment for natural cycle optimization alone and/or adjunctive to assisted reproductive technology (ART).

Are you ready for the influx of fertility cases in your practice?

Would you like to grow your practice and confidently treat more fertility cases?

Would you like to be seen as an expert on fertility in your community?


There is a growing body of research that shows early health care before pregnancy can help avoid chronic disease in our little ones. One of the reasons I love supporting families in preconception, fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum care is that it’s one of the best ways to support future generations of healthy and resilient children and adults; the ultimate in preventative health care. 

Dr. Corina Dunlap ND, MS

Going to more and more conferences is a difficult way to access the latest in medicine and be able to feel supported when going back to your clinic and your busy life…but you want the best for your patients!

Taking back a few clinical pearls and trying to make any changes in your practice, isn’t easy, we know.

What if there was an easy solution to having all the pertinent info, research, downloadable resources and practical steps at your finger tips so you can easily implement what you learn at a conference into your practice right away?



Every new treatment you add into your practice or tool you add to your toolbox, while valuable, takes away from time you spend treating patients!


When you need to have all the documentation, know what to set up, protocols, references, assessment plan…it’s a lot!


Where do you start? What if you have questions? How can you feel supported to treat all aspects of fertility management without ongoing support?   Do you have enough knowledge?

Join the: Integrative Fertility Intensive today!

Enjoy Lifetime access!

This online course will allow you to:

  • Learn at your own pace with lifetime access
  • Have ongoing access to the content at your fingertips
  • Stop and rewatch over again
  • Access it with your smart phone, ipad, laptop or desktop, it’s available wherever you are.

Use our done-for-you templates, checklists, protocols and more.

Use the downloads in the course to get started treating patients immediately. Infrastructure is important and a major part of adding a new treatment.  We provide you everything you need to get started right away. 

This CME accredited, 4.5 hr course provides what you need

to feel confident about treating fertility

patients with ease & success!

Fertility treatment is an important and valuable asset for your practice but you don’t have to go at it alone! Our comprehensive online course will provide you with everything you need to, easily and practically implement fertility into your practice and support you along the way.

We know how hard it can be to get started with something new, so we’ve taken the work out of it and have provided to you, actionable, practical tools and knowledge to help this easily integrate into your existing practice so you can:

Spend time with your patients doing what you do best

Stop wasting time trying to find new protocols for unique cases, resources and support to help you when you have questions.

Help make a larger impact in your community with fertility care.

Feel confident taking new patients and easily being able to treat them.


Feeling like you are making a difference in the lives of the people in your community is what it’s all about. You can be the expert in fertility care and we are here to support you along the way!

Meet The Instructor

Dr. Corina Dunlap ND, MS 

I’ve devoted much of my career to helping couples get pregnant through the most natural means possible. This is driven in large part by my own experience: I had both my daughters after 35, and experienced many common concerns and challenges, including early pregnancy loss.

After receiving both my degrees as a licensed naturopathic doctor and medical researcher, I completed a 2-year accredited women’s health residency with rotations in gynecology, general endocrinology, and reproductive endocrinology. I was one of the first NDs to intern within private assisted reproductive technology clinics, and the first ND to be asked to speak on the topic of natural fertility optimization to an entirely conventionally medically trained audience at the New England Fertility Society. I continue to be asked to teach and write on the topic of fertility optimization for medically trained audiences as well as run a busy integrative fertility and women’s health practice. On the research side of things, I completed a 2-year postdoctoral research fellowship, followed by a research and adjunctive faculty placement at the School of Research & Graduate Studies at Helfgott Research Institute and NUNM. There I mentored research students and continue to teach courses such as Gynecology & Infertility, Women’s Health Research, and Medical Anthropology. I continue to investigate on topics such as preconception and infertility in men and women.

I work with patients in all different stages of their reproductive journey. For couples looking to optimize their health and fertility before trying, to those having trouble getting pregnant, and postpartum care, I identify effective, non-invasive natural medicine steps they can take. I also advise couples going through IVF to help optimize outcomes for healthy pregnancies and healthy babies.


 Improve natural cycle fertility while you prepare their preconception health for successful outcomes!

Who This is For

You're an action taker and want to start treating more patients with fertility issues

You want better outcomes, faster.

You want to have a stress free way to implement a new treatment into your practice

You believe that practical resources with lifetime access are extremely valuable to have

Who This Is Not For

You don't want to treat fertility patients

You refer to other clinics for women's health

You're not ready to make this minor investment in your practice and to be ready for the patients that need YOU!

You aren't ready to add on another treatment in your practice

Frequently Asked Questions


A: This course is for both groups. All Practitioners in any country interested in, or currently practicing fertility care will benefit from the certification, resources, the education and the one year access to the instructor for case questions, troubleshooting etc. This course goes through foundational topics (often helpful as a review for experienced practitioners) along with advanced concepts in therapeutic application.


A: Dr. Corina Dunlap lectures across the United States on integrative fertilty and often hears from doctors that want to get started but are still unsure of everything they need to know. This course will solve those issues. The education is comprehensive and will provide you with all you need to start using, or enhance your fertiilty treatments for your patients.



A.Yes. You will leave this course with valuable documentation that can be used immediately in your clinic. For example downloadable assessment tool, supplement checklist and more. You will also receive CE accreditation for this course (course is CME approved for Nd’s in both US and Canada), a certificate of completion will be available for download once course is completed).


A: We have created a private facebook group for all course participants where you can ask questions and get answers from the Instructor for 12 months.

What is the course outline


Infertility 101

  • Definitions of Infertility
  • Epidemiology of infertility
  • Etiology sub-types
  • Key elements of an integrative fertility intake

Female Factor Work up

  • Female etiology sub-type workup and diagnosis
  • How to quickly identify advanced infertility cases

Male Factor Work up

  • Male etiology subtype workup and diagnosis
  • How to quickly identify advanced infertility cases

Fertility Guidelines

  • The many ways to optimize natural fertility including stress management, good nutrition, optimal timing, and general healthy lifestyle habits. 
  • Research behind how foundational guidelines lead to healthier pregnancies and healthier babies.

Supplements For Fertility

  • Examine the evidence behind these botanical and nutraceutical approaches. 
  • Evaluate which patients are the best candidates for each supplement(s) type.

Etiology Specific Guidelines

Etiology subtype specific treatment plans (male and female) for natural cycle fertility optimization