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History of Viscum in Medicine

Please watch the video and then mark the objectives complete by checking the boxes. The quiz will then appear. Completion of the quiz as well as a course evaluation is required for CE accreditation. Once that is all complete you will be prompted to download your certificate. All course material downloads are located below the videos.

Your objectives in this lesson:

Understand the long history of safe use of mistletoe in traditional medicine
Understand how the botanical specialties of mistletoe lead to the use in oncology care
You’re almost done : please complete this short quiz:
A patient calls your office after their 12-year-old son has ingested a berry which she suspects as being from a mistletoe plant from a local. They ask you what they should do as they are very concerned about the possible toxicity of the plant. Which of the following advice is most appropriate in this situation:
The 12-year-old individual discussed above with accidental mistletoe berry ingestion lives in the continental united states. Which species of mistletoe is it most likely the boy has ingested?
In modern medical practice, viscum album has been used as therapy for all of the following conditions but:


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