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Provide Holistic Cancer IV Therapy Treatments with Confidence

IV administration of nonconventional therapies can help in improving outcome for cancer patients

Intravenous mode of application allows us to overcome absorption barriers leading us to be able to maximize therapeutic effects for patients. These agents are particularly important because of their ability to support patients conventional care while also having an additive effect on multiple cancer pathways.

Introducing: IV Therapy in Integrative Cancer Care

This online course will this course we will be discussing IV administration of Vitamin C, Mistletoe, Curcumin, Artesunate, DCA, Alpha lipoic acid, Glycyrrhizic acid, and supportive IV nutrition protocols in cancer patients.We will also spend time reviewing unique aspects of care management of the cancer patient receiving intravenous infusion therapy

Don't guess when it comes to IV therapy

Improve patient outcomes and QOL

Easily add proven protocols to your care

What are the lessons in the Foundations for Integrative Cancer Care Online Course?

Introduction to Integrative Agents as Therapeutics in Cancer care

Therapeutic Agents - What, When & Why

GCA, DCA, Viscum & HD Vit C

Care Management

Nutritional Support

ALA, Artesunate, Curcumin

What you will learn:

We will explore the challeneges with current convetional approaches to cancer and how integrative therapoies can comtribute  to improvemnets in cancer patient outcomes.

We will cover the underlying mechanisms of action of each therapetuic in cancer, understand the clinicla evidence for use and be abe to select and assess patients for the potential use.

 When this course is completed you will be able to effectively assess cancer patients for suitability and tolerability of IVIT and monitor treatment success with particular emphasis on safety of IV therapeutics. You will understand common complications in cancer patients related to IVIT and be able to mitigate and manage them. 

You will be shown how to implement IV therapy in practice as well as dosing adjustments for specific clinical situations and more. 

We Take Your Education Seriously!

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Have you been to conferences and taken a clinical pearl or two back to the office and NOT implemented anything?

Do you wish there was an easy solution to having all the pertinent info, research and practical steps at your finger tips so you can easily implement what you learn at a conference into your practice right away?

With limited access to the presenter and a busy life to return to, its hard to keep momentum up after days of learning.


Every new treatment you add into your practice or tool you add to your toolbox, while valuable, takes away from time you spend treating patients!


When you need to have all the documentation, know what to set up, protocols, references, assessment plan…it’s a lot!


Where do you start? What if you have questions? How can you feel supported to treat cancer without ongoing support?   Do you have enough knowledge?

IV Therapy in Integrative Cancer Care- JOIN NOW!


This 8 hour IVIT certification course provides everything you need to start enhancing the lives of cancer patients today including:

>Patient forms and questionnaires
>Consent Forms
>Clinical References

We take your education seriously and have endeavoured to provide first class courses that adopt both the latest in research and tools but also the practical and implementable pieces that allow yo to start using this knowledge in practice immediately. We bridge the gap between world class education, implementation and support. We hope. you will join us in our latest course that took over a year to build. A year plus 20+ years of clinical experience treating cancer patients.

Dr. Eric Marsden

Meet The Instructor

Dr. Eric Marsden ND 

Dr. Eric Marsden ND did his undergraduate studies in Human Biology and Clinical biochemistry and the University of Toronto and graduated from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in 2002.  He has had extensive training in Integrative clinics and Hospitals in Germany where he observed how integrative treatments, delivered alongside conventional care improved the patient cancer journey.  He has been a leader in the field of naturopathic medicine and integrative cancer care and has been a member of various boards, committees and expert advisory groups.  He has delivered numerous lectures, presented conference posters and published several research/case papers on the topic of integrative cancer care and intravenous therapy.  He was the Chair of the Principles of Care Task Force for the Oncology Association of Naturopathic Physicians and is the course director for the Ontario Association of Naturopathic Doctors Intravenous Therapy Certification Course.   


Dr. Marsden ND is the clinic director and Naturopathic Cancer Care Past Residency director at the Marsden Centre in Vaughan, ON, Canada.  He is widely considered an international expert in the field of mistletoe, integrative cancer and intravenous therapy in integrative medicine. 

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Who This is For

You're an action taker and want to start treating more patients with Cancer

You want better outcomes for your patients

You want to have a stress free way to implement a new program into your practice

You believe that practical resources with lifetime access are extremely valuable to have

Who This Is Not For

You don't want to treat cancer patients

You refer to other clinics for Cancer care

You're not ready to make this minor investment in your practice and to be ready for the patients that need YOU!

You aren't ready to add on another modality or improve your exsiting one

Frequently Asked Questions


A: This course does not have a prerequisite. All Practitioners in any country interested in, or currently working with Cancer patients will benefit from the certification, resources, the education and the ongoing access to the instructor for case questions, troubleshooting etc. This course provides comprehensive understanding of how to assess patients for care and implement IV therapy. We do however offer a Foundations in Cancer Care course that compliments this.


A: Dr. Marsden lectures worldwide on the Integrative Oncology and often hears from doctors that want to get started but are still unsure of everything they need to know. This course will solve those issues. The education is comprehensive and will provide you with all you need to start using, or enhance your IV Therapy cancer treatment program in your practice.



  A.Yes. Upon completion of each modules and the quizzes, you will receive a certificate of completion for 8 hours which you can use to submit for CE credits with your licensing board. For Canadian Naturopaths this course will be apporved for 8 IVIT CE’s

A: We have created a private facebook group for all course participants where you can ask questions and get answers from the Instructor.

A: Any health practitioner can take this course however to be able to provide IV Therapy in your business/practice you will need to abide by/be legally able to provide as part of your licensing board, state/province rules and regulations.